Our TRAVEL SPONSORS, Aegean Airlines and Lufthansa have offered discounts for your trip to Athens.

After your Registration you will receive an email with all the available discounts for you to choose.


There is a number of tour packages available for those wishing to experience more of Greece before and after the conference as well as day trips and tours in the city of Athens during the conference days.

These include Mykonos, Santorini, Nafplion, Delphi, Thessaloniki all operated by our hospitality sponsor AFEA Travel and Congress Services.


AFEA boasts a journey of more than 40 years in the Greek travel and meetings market, making the company one of the longest established and most experienced companies in Greece. The company is based in Athens since 1977 and since 2002 it operates offices in Thessaloniki and provides services to a wide client portfolio such as major international corporations, private companies and enterprises, as well as individual clients, in Greece and worldwide. Our long lasting existence gives us the privilege to know the destination of Greece by heart, so we can provide amazing travel experiences, built around the places where our local connections can deliver the most flawless services possible. Each and every trip can be fashioned according to the travelers’ needs and preferences. Private and exclusive tours, incredible accommodation, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and favorite local eateries, thematic walks and private guided tours through the enchanting Greek antiquity, synthesize a masterpiece delved into the essence of the Greek soul. |

Tel.: +30 210 3668831